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Shenzhen Zhenrong Era Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd(“XT-SHENZHEN”) is an electronic components supply chain integration Corporation founded in 2014 .We are committed to providing global customers with high-quality branded original electronic components such as TI, Infineon, Omron,Yaskawa,Siemens,Schneider,ST,Xilinx and NXP, responding promptly to customers’ demands, and helping all manufacturer and distributor customers solve components shortage, as well as achieve component BOM list purchase. Our business scope worldwide has won the reputation of more customers with stable supply and efficient services.

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The main objectives of our quality system are to:

1. Achieve “right first time”, every time in all that we do.

2.100% Original products guarantee.

3.“Customer First”, Continually improve our service quality.

4.Develop and maintain close liaison and good working relationships with both customers and suppliers.

5.Develop and improve employees’ understanding of regarding the quality system.

6.Promote an environment of continuous improvement in all aspects of the company’s operations.

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Inventory System

10+ Years Experiences

The company has been learning for nearly 10 years since its establishment. We know exactly what our customers need. In this regard, we have formed a very complete product quality, warehouse management and supplier integration system. This system allows us to provide our customers with a quality buying experience at the fastest speed.

Reliable Quality

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the development concept and purpose of “only owning original products, only selling original products, and sincerely serving customers”. We have had many pleasant cooperations with the world’s top ten EMS TOP companies. And passed the certification of DUNS Number, IOS9001 and other official organizations.

Good Sales Service

The company has a huge supplier system and inventory, and can quickly match orders for customers at reasonable prices. After the product is shipped, we will have a dedicated customer service to track the product in real time and send the logistics status of the product to the customer. We will also actively follow up with customers and answer all questions for customers.

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