FF400R06KE3-Infineon original components

FF400R06KE3-Infineon original components


Designed and developed by the world’s leading technology company Infineon Semiconductor, the FF400R06KE3 device is not only guaranteed in quality, but also has top performance in its class. The characteristics of the device’s wide range of applications make it one of the best-selling IGBT modules on the market. xt-shenzhen promises to only provide you with a variety of original IGBT modules. For more product information, please contact us.

The FF400R06KE3 device is a three-terminal power semiconductor device used in various industrial, commercial, construction and agricultural vehicle designs and is recognized by many manufacturers for its high efficiency and fast switching. The device forms a single semi-integrated module by combining isolated gate FETs for control inputs and bipolar power transistors. Installation and replacement are very convenient, greatly improving the efficiency of use.

●Gate threshold voltage (IC= 6.40 mA, VCE= VGE, Tvj= 25°C)
●Gate charging (Vge=-15V~+15V)
●Internal gate resistance (Tvj = 25°C)
●Input capacitance f = 1 MHz, Tvj= 25°C, VCE= 25 V, VGE= 0 V
●Reverse transfer capacitance f = 1 MHz, Tvj= 25°C, VCE= 25 V, VGE= 0 V
●Collector-emitter cut-off current VCE=600V, VGE= 0 V, Tvj= 25°C
●Gate-Emitter Leakage Current VCE= 0 V, VGE= 20 V, Tvj= 25°C

Breakdown Voltage (Collector-Emitter)600V
Rated power (Max)1250W
Operating temperature (Max)150℃
Working temperature(Min)-40℃
Dissipated power (Max)1250000 mW
Installation methodScrew
Number of pins7
length106.4 mm
width61.4 mm
high30.9 mm
Manufacturing applicationsDrives, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Solar
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
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