XC6SLX9-2TQG144C Xilinx

XC6SLX9-2TQG144C Xilinx

XC6SLX9-2TQG144C Xilinx

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XT-ShenZhen provides you with XC6SLX9-2TQG144C devices, our quality is guaranteed, you can buy with confidence! The XC6SLX9-2TQG144C device is an FPGA chip from Xilinx, which belongs to the Spartan®-3E series. This series is ideal for high-volume, low-cost consumer electronics applications. XT-ShenZhen is a professional supplier of electronic components, if you have any questions, please leave us a message, we will reply you within 24 hours!

The XC6SLX9-2TQG144C device sets a new standard for the programmable logic industry. Its enhanced capabilities, combined with advanced 90nm process technology, provide applications with more features and bandwidth per dollar than ever before. FPGAs avoid the high initial costs, long development cycles and inherent flexibility of traditional ASICs. Additionally, FPGA programmability allows design upgrades in the field without hardware replacement, which is not possible with ASICs.
Based on the success of the earlier Spartan-3 series, the Spartan-3E series to which the XC6SLX9-2TQG144C device belongs, increases the amount of logic per I/O and successfully reduces the cost of each logic unit.
Because of its extremely low cost, the XC6SLX9-2TQG144C device is ideal for a wide range of consumer electronics applications such as broadband access, home networking, display/projection and digital TV equipment.

• Soft processor, supporting multiple I/O protocols
• Interface technology, 18Kb (2 x 9Kb) RAM
• Spartan®-6 provides up to 8 low-power 3.2Gb/s serial transceivers for improved system performance
•800Mb/s DDR3, integrated memory controller, zero power consumption, sleep power-down mode
• BOM cost reduction, Clock Management Module (CMT) for improved performance
• Automatic detection of configuration options and enhanced IP security with AES and device DNA protection
• ISE® Design Suite (free pre and post FPGA design solution for Linux and Windows)
•1.14 to 1.26V (-3, -3N, -2), 0.95 to 1.05V (-1L) internal supply voltage (standard performance)
• Low power 1V core voltage (LX/-1L), high performance 1.2V core voltage (LX,LXT/-2,-3,-3N)
• Mature advanced 90nm process technology

Number of pins144
RAM size73728B
Number of inputs/outputs102 Input
Operating temperature (Max)85℃
Working temperature(Min)0 ℃
voltage1.14V ~ 1.26V
Number of pins144
Operating temperature0℃ ~ 85℃ (TJ)
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
Installation methodSurface Mount

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