3NE3338-8 Siemens fuse

3NE3338-8 Siemens fuse


The 3NE3338-8 fuse designed by Siemens is a short-circuit protection device dedicated to circuits. The excellent quality and performance of this device can maintain the operation of the device better than other devices of your kind. With its excellent supply channels, xt-shenzhen is very happy to provide you with excellent original Siemens components.

The 3NE3338-8 device can melt the melt with the heat generated by itself when the current exceeds the specified value, which is an electrical appliance that disconnects the circuit. After the current exceeds the specified value for a period of time, the heat generated by itself melts the melt, thereby breaking the circuit. It is widely used in high and low voltage power distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment. As a short circuit and overcurrent protector, it is one of the most commonly used protection devices.

●In line with product quality certification
●Fast processing of response orders
●A wide range of application fields
●Standardized packaging

Current / for AC / rated value800A
Size of the fallback-system / acc. to DIN EN 60269-1NH2
Supply voltage800V
for AC / rated value440V
Supply voltage68kA
for DCothers
Switching capacity current:-20°C … +50°C
in accordance with IEC 60947-2 / rated value0.95
Design of an identification indicatorAerospace, automotive electronics, network communications, security equipment, medical electronics, measuring instruments, smart home, household appliances, lighting electronics, 3C digital, radio and television education, Internet of Things IoT, wearable devices, new energy
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