MCC95-16IO8B IXYS Thyristor Parts

MCC95-16IO8B IXYS Thyristor Parts


The MCC95-16IO8B thyristor module designed and developed by IXYS company. It is a thyristor device with excellent performance and quality. This device is specially used for large mechanical equipment and plays an important role in the operation of the equipment. Compared with other similar devices, the MCC95-16IO8B thyristor produced by IXYS company. It can better maintain the operation of the equipment. If you want to know more original IXYS equipment, please contact xt-Shenzhen company to serve you.

The MCC95-16IO8B thyristor uses a standard international package, which not only makes the device have a wide range of applications. And high-quality quality, so that the device can be used normally in most harsh environments. The device uses light, heat and temperature for control, a feature that greatly improves the ease of use of the device. These advantages make the MCC95-16IO8B one of the most popular thyristors in the field.

• International standard package, JEDEC TO-240 AA
• Direct copper bonding of Al2O3-ceramic substrates
• Planar passivated chips
• Isolation voltage 3600 V~
• UL Registered, E 72873
• Gate-Cathode Dual Pin for Version 1 Applications
• DC motor control
• Soft start AC motor controller
• Save space and weight
• Simple installation with two screws
• Improved temperature and power cycling
• Reduced protection circuits

Rated voltage (DC)1.60 kV
Rated current116 A
Holding current (Max)200 mA
Operating temperature (Max)125 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Installation methodScrew
Product LifecycleActive
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
lead standardLead Free


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