XC95144XL-10TQG100I Xilinx

XC95144XL-10TQG100I Xilinx

XC95144XL-10TQG100I Xilinx

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XT-ShenZhen has accounts on LinkedIn, YouToBe, TikTok and other social platforms, welcome to watch our product videos! The XC95144XL-10TQG100I is a complex programmable logic device (CPLD) from Xilinx. It is a 3.3V CPLD. The device is primarily intended for high-performance, low-voltage applications in leading-edge communications and computing systems. XT-ShenZhen provides you with XC95144XL-10TQG100I original spot! If you have more questions, please leave us a message, we will reply within 24 hours!

The XC95144XL-10TQG100I device includes eight T4V18 modules. This device provides 3200 usable gates with a propagation delay of 5 ns.
To reduce power consumption, each macrocell in the XC95144XL-10TQG100I device can be configured for low power consumption (from the default high performance mode). Plus, for better power savings, the software automatically disables unused products and macro units.
The XC95144XL-10TQG100I device fills a 16-bit counter and allows a single output (LSB). The actual value of the actual ICC varies depending on the designed application and should be verified during normal system operation.

•System frequency up to 178 MHz
•144 macrocells, 3,200 usable gates
•Available in small form factor packages
-100-pin TQFP (81 user I/O pins)
-144-pin TQFP (117 user I/O pins)
-144-CSP (117 user I/O pins)
– All packaging is lead free
•Optimized for high performance 3.3V systems
– Low power operation
-Advanced 0.35 micron feature size CMOS Fast FLASH™ technology
•Advanced system features
– Programmable in system
– Excellent pin locking and routability with Fast CONNECT™ II switch matrix
– Extra wide 54 input function block
– Up to 90 product terms per macrocell with individual product term assignments
– Full IEEE Standard 1149.1 Boundary Scan (JTAG)
•Fast concurrent programming
– Endurance over 10,000 program/erase cycles
-20 years data retention
•Pin compatible with 5V core XC95144 device in 100-pin TQFP package
Warning: TA= 0°C to +70°C programmed temperature range

Frequency100 MHz
Supply voltage (DC)3.30 V
Number of I/O pins117
Number of inputs/outputs81 Input
Operating temperature (Max)85 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Power supply voltage (Max)3.6 V
Power supply voltage (Min)3 V
Number of pins100

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