TPS7B8250QDGNRQ1-buy original TI electronic components

TPS7B8250QDGNRQ1-buy original TI electronic components


TPS7B8250QDGNRQ1 is available from Texas Instruments (TI). A low quiescent current voltage regulator chip designed and developed is very suitable for use in many fields of automobiles. It is one of the most in-demand chips on the market. To buy or learn more original electronic components, please contact us! ! !

TPS7B8250QDGNRQ1 In automotive battery connection applications, low quiescent current is critical to save power and extend battery life. For always-on systems, ultra-low quiescent current must be achieved. The TPS7B8250QDGNRQ1 is a low dropout linear regulator operating over a wide input voltage range of 3V to 40V (45V load dump protection). It can therefore continue to operate under cold starts and starts and stops. With a typical quiescent current of only 2.7μA at light loads, the device is an ideal solution for powering microcontrollers (MCUs) and CAN/LIN transceivers in standby systems. With short circuit and overcurrent protection. In addition, the device is packaged in a thermally conductive package, allowing long-lasting operation even if the entire device dissipates a lot of heat.

• AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.
• Low quiescent current IQ:
– IQ of 300nA in shutdown mode
– Typical 2.7µA at light load
– 5 μA maximum at light load
• 3V to 40V wide VIN input voltage range, transient voltages up to 45V
• Maximum output current: 300mA
• The output voltage accuracy is 2%
• Maximum dropout voltage: 700mV at 200mA load current for fixed 5V output version
• Telematics control unit
• Inverter and motor control

Output current0.3A
drop voltage0.4V@200mA,0.2v@100mA
Input voltage (Max)40V
Input voltage (Min)3V
Operating temperature-40℃-150℃
Installation methodSurface Mount
Number of pins8
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
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