SPC563M64L5COAY is one of the SPC563Mxx series developed by STMicroelectronics.Contains all the features of the SPC563Mxx family and many new features, coupled with high performance 90 nm CMOS technology, can significantly reduce the cost per function and significantly improve performance. You can buy original STMicroelectronics products from xt-shenzhen with confidence, for a wide range of original and shortage electronic components, please contact us! ! !

SPC563M64L5COAY is a controller chip dedicated to the automotive industry. is a cost-effective host processor core built on Power Architecture technology. The SPC563Mxx family includes enhancements that improve the suitability of the architecture in embedded applications, including additional instruction support for digital signal processing (DSP), integrated technologies – such as enhanced time processor units, enhanced queue analog-to-digital converters, control LAN and enhanced modular I/O systems – important for today’s low-end powertrain applications.
The SPC563Mxx family also features a single-level memory hierarchy, including up to 94 KB of on-chip SRAM and up to 1.5 MB of internal flash.The device also has an external bus interface (EBI) for “calibration”. The external bus interface supports most standard memories used by the SPC564Axx and SPC563Mxx families.

.32 Channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMA)
. Interrupt Controller (INTC) capable of handling 364 priority-selectable interrupt sources: 191 peripheral interrupt sources, 8 software interrupts and 165 reserved interrupts.
. Frequency Modulated Phase Locked Loop (FMPLL)
.Calibration External Bus Interface (EBI) 1
.System Integration Unit (SIU)
. Up to 1.5 MB on-chip flash with flash controller
.Up to 94 KB of on-chip static RAM (including up to 32 KB of spare RAM)
.Boot Auxiliary Module (BAM)
.32 Channel 2nd Generation Enhanced Time Processor Unit (eTPU)
.32 standard eTPU channels. Architectural enhancements to improve code efficiency and increase flexibility
.16 Channel Enhanced Modular Input Output System (eMIOS)
.Enhanced Queue Analog-to-Digital Converter (eQADC)
.decimation filter (part of eQADC)
.Silicon chip temperature sensor
.2 Deserialize Serial Peripheral Interface (DSPI) Module (Microsecond Bus Compatible)
.2 LIN Compatible Enhanced Serial Communication Interface (eSCI) Module
.2 CAN 2.0B-capable Controller Area Network (FlexCAN) module

Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)2
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 125℃
Number of pins144
Installation methodSurface Mount
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