STM8S003F3P6-buy original ST electronic components

STM8S003F3P6-buy original ST electronic components


STM8S003F3P6 is designed and developed by STMicroelectronics. It is a cost-effective 8-bit microcontroller chip, using Harvard architecture and three-stage pipeline design. It is one of the chips that are in high demand in the current market. For more original and cost-effective electronic components, please contact us! ! !

The STM8S003F3P6 provides 8kb flash program memory, as well as integrated real data EEPROM. Real data EEPROM supports up to 100,000 write and erase cycles, advanced core and peripherals manufactured with cutting-edge technology, 16MHz clock frequency, powerful I/O, independent watchdog, with independent clock source, and 1 clock Security system to ensure the performance and stability of the equipment. Whether it is performance or cost performance, it is a very worthwhile choice.

.Flexible clock control, 4 master clock sources
.Low Power Crystal Resonator Oscillator
.External clock input
.Internal user adjustable 16MHz RC
.Internal low power 128kHz RC
.Clock security system with clock monitor
.Low Power Mode (Standby, Active Suspend, Suspend)
.Turn off peripheral clocks individually
.Permanently valid, low power power-on and power-down reset
.nested interrupt controller with 32 interrupts
.Up to 27 external interrupts, 6 vectors
.16-bit, 4 CAPCOM channels, dead-time insertion and flexible synchronization of advanced control timers
.16-bit general purpose timer, 3 CAPCOM channels (IC, OC or PWM)
.8-bit base timer with 8-bit prescaler
.Auto wake timer
.Up to 28 I/Os on a 32-pin package, including 21 high-sinking outputs
.Highly robust I/O design unaffected by current injection Development support

Supply voltage (DC)2.95V(min)
Operating Voltage2.95V-5.5V
Number of pins20
RAM size1KB
number of digits8
Dissipated power238mW
FLASH memory capacity8KB
Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)1
Number of inputs/outputs16lnput
Operating temperature-40℃-85℃(TA)
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