M95080-DRMN3TP/K Buy STMicroelectronics Products

M95080-DRMN3TP/K Buy STMicroelectronics Products


XT-ShenZhen attaches great importance to product quality! Each product must be handed over to professionals for quality inspection before delivery! The M95080-DRMN3TP/K is an automotive 8-KbitSPI bus EEPROM product with high-speed clock. It belongs to STMicroelectronics. XT-ShenZhen has a large-capacity spot warehouse with sufficient supply! If you need more, please leave us a message!

The M95080-DRMN3TP/K is an 8-Kbit serial EEPROM automotive grade device. The device operates at temperatures up to 145°C. It meets the very high reliability as defined by the automotive standard AEC-Q1000.
The device can be accessed using a simple serial SPI interface. The interface can operate at frequencies up to 20 MHz. The memory array is based on EEPROM technology.
The M95080-DRMN3TP/K device is a byte-variable memory (1024 x 8 bits). It is organized as 32 pages of 32 bytes. Among them, data integrity is improved by embedded error correction code logic.
The device provides an additional identification page (32 bytes) capable of reading the ST device.

•Compatible with the Serial Peripheral Interface
(SPI) bus
•Memory array
-8 Kbit (1 Kbyte) of EEPROM
-Page size: 32 bytes
-Write protection by block: 1/4, 1/2 or whole memory
-Additional Write lockable Page (Identification page)
•High speed clock frequency
-20 MHz for VCC ≥ 4.5 V
-10 MHz for VCC ≥ 2.5 V
-5 MHz for VCC ≥ 1.7 V
•Short Write cycle time
-Byte Write within 4 ms
-Page Write within 4 ms
•ESD Protection (Human Body Model)
-4000 V
-RoHS-compliant and halogen-free (ECOPACK2®)

Frequency20 MHz
Supply current5 mA
Access time (Max)20 ns
Operating temperature (Max)125 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Voltage1.8V ~ 5.5V
Number of pins8
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 125℃
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