L9679PTR Buy STMicroelectronics Products

L9679PTR Buy STMicroelectronics Products


XT-ShenZhen has a large stock of many models in stock with fast shipping! Please rest assured to buy! The L9679PTR is an advanced airbag IC from STMicroelectronics for low/mid-range applications. It is an advanced airbag system-on-a-chip solution. XT-ShenZhen keeps an eye on popular models and adjusts inventory in time. If you have other needs, please leave us a message, we will reply within 24 hours!

The L9679PTR device targets the mature airbag market and the integrated safety market. It is compatible with L9678, L9680 and other devices.
The device uses small, inexpensive external components. The design of the high frequency power supply reduces the cost. The operating frequency of the switching voltage regulator is 1.882 MHz.
The L9679PTR device has a small static current and is directly connected to the battery. Thus, the wake-up input function of the device can control activation and deactivation.

•AEC-Q100 certified
• Boost regulator for energy reserve
– Operating frequency 1.882 MHz, Iload = 55 mA (max)
• Boost regulator for PSI-5 sync pulse
– Output voltage, 12 V/14.75 V, user configurable
• Buck regulator for remote sensor
– Operating frequency 1.882 MHz
• Buck regulator for microcontroller unit
– Operating frequency 1.882 MHz
-3 Ω – 912 mA (max)
– Switching active output indicator
-8 channel HSD/LSD
– Current monitoring
– High-side and low-side driver FET testing
• High-side de-switching regulator and enable control
-PSI-5 satellite sensor
•Specific disengagement signal for passenger airbag
• Scrap handling interface

Operating temperature (Max)95 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Voltage5.5 V
Installation methodSurface Mount
Number of pins100
Product LifecycleActive
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
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