L4995JTR STMicroelectronics Product

L4995JTR STMicroelectronics Product


XT-ShenZhen has stock resources of many well-known brands, which are guaranteed to be 100% original products, please rest assured to buy! Recommend L4995JTR device for you! The device is a low-dropout regulator from STMicroelectronics. Its flexible features make it ideal for powering microprocessor systems in automotive applications. XT-ShenZhen has a large-capacity warehouse with multiple brands and models of products. If you need it, please contact us below!

The L4995JTR device is a monolithically integrated 5V regulator. It has low dropout at currents up to 500mA.
The device’s output voltage regulation element consists of a p-channel MOS that regulates input voltage transients up to 40V.
The L4995JTR device can obtain a high precision output voltage through a pre-adjusted reference voltage. With short-circuit protection and thermal protection, the L4995JTR device can shut down the device at very high power consumption. The L4995JTR device not only integrates watchdog, enable and external programmable reset circuits, but also has external programmable reset and enable functions.

•AEC-Q100 qualified
•Operating DC supply voltage range 5.6 V to 31 V
•Low dropout voltage
•Low quiescent current consumption
•Reset circuit sensing of output voltage down to 1 V
•Programmable reset pulse delay with external capacitor
•Programmable watchdog timer with external capacitor
•Thermal shutdown and short circuit protection
•Wide temperature range (Tj = -40℃to 150℃)
•Enable input for enabling/disabling the voltage regulator

Number of output ports1
The output voltage5 V
Output current500 mA
Drop voltage0.27V @400mA
Output current (Max)0.5 A
Operating temperature (Max)150 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
precision±2 %
Input voltage5.6V ~ 31V
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