MCC312-18IO1 IXYS Thyristor

MCC312-18IO1 IXYS Thyristor


MCC312-18IO1 thyristor thyristor module is designed and developed by IXYS company. It is a thyristor device with excellent performance and quality. The device plays an important role in the operation of the equipment. Compared with other similar devices, the MCC312-18IO1 thyristor produced by IXYS Company. It can better maintain the operation of the equipment. With excellent supply channels, xt-shenzhen is very happy to provide you with excellent original IXYS equipment。

The MCC312-18IO1 thyristor has a variety of safety settings, which can greatly protect the safe operation of the device. The operation of the equipment is driven by a motor, and a soft starter is used. Greatly improved the convenience of use. The standard international package not only makes the device suitable for normal use in various fields. And high-quality quality can also meet the normal use of MCC312-18IO1 devices in most harsh environments.

● Copper substrate is directly clad with copper Al2O3-ceramic
● Planar passivation chip
● Isolation voltage 3600 V~
● UL registered E 72873
● Keyed gate/cathode dual pins
● Motor control, soft starter
● Power converter
● Heat and temperature control for industrial furnaces and chemical processes
● Lighting control
● Solid state switch

Holding current (Max)150 mA
Operating temperature (Max)125 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Installation methodScrew
Number of pins7
Product LifecycleActive
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
lead standardLead Free
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