STMicroelectronics (ST) designed and developed the LM2904YDT for automotive and industrial control systems. It is a low power dual operational amplifier chip consisting of two independent high gain internal frequency compensated operational amplifiers. To buy and learn more about original ST electronic components, please contact xt-shenzhen to serve you!

The LM2904YDT consists of two independent high gain operational amplifiers (op amps) that are internally frequency compensated.And is powered by a single power supply over a wide voltage range.Can be used in a variety of areas including sensor amplifiers, DC gain blocks, and all traditional op amp circuits, making these circuits easier to operate in single-supply systems.For example, these circuits can be powered directly from the standard 5 V used in logic systems, easily providing the required interface electronics without any additional power.

■ Internal frequency compensation
■ Maximum DC voltage gain: 100 dB
■ Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1.1 MHz (temperature compensated)
■ Very low supply current/operation (500 µA), essentially independent of supply voltage
■ Low input bias current: 20 nA (temperature compensated)
■ Low input offset current: 2 nA
■ Input common mode voltage range includes negative rail
■ Differential input voltage range equal to supply voltage
■ Large output voltage swing 0 V to (VCC+ -1.5 V)

Supply current700µA
Number of circuits2
number of channels2
Number of pins8
Common Mode Rejection Ratio70dB
gain bandwidth product1.1MHz
Input compensation voltage2 mV
Input bias current20nA
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 125℃
voltage3V ~ 30V
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
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