LM2904VQDRG4Q1-buy original TI electronic components

LM2904VQDRG4Q1-buy original TI electronic components


LM2904VQDRG4Q1 is a dual-channel operational amplifier chip that is widely used in many automotive fields. By original Texas Instruments electronic components professional supplier xt-shenzhen. Supply, you can buy with confidence. The company supplies all Texas Instruments electronic components from stock. To purchase various original electronic components in shortage, please contact xt-shenzhen! ! !

The LM2904VQDRG4Q1 is an industry-wide AEC-Q100 qualified operational amplifier developed by Texas Instruments (TI). Typically used in the most demanding and environmentally challenging applications in the automotive market. The LM2904VQDRG4Q1 contains two high voltage (36V) op amps. Offers excellent value for cost-sensitive applications, including low offset voltage (3mV and 2mV max, respectively), common-mode input range to ground, and high differential input voltage capability. Circuit Design Simplifies enhancements such as unity gain stability, lower regulation voltage (0.3mV, typ), and lower quiescent current (300µA, typ).

• Wide supply voltage range from 3V to 36V (LM2904B-Q1 and LM2904BA-Q1)
• 300 μA supply current per channel (LM2904B-Q1 and LM2904BA-Q1, typical)
• 1.2 MHz unity gain bandwidth (LM2904B-Q1 and LM2904BA-Q1)
• Common-mode input voltage range includes ground, supporting direct sensing near ground
• Low input offset voltage of 2mV at 25°C (LM2904BA-Q1, max)
• Low input offset voltage of 3mV at 25°C (LM2904B-Q1, max)
• Internal RF and EMI filters (LM2904B-Q1 and LM2904BA-Q1)

Supply current1 mA
Number of circuits2
Common Mode Rejection Ratio65dB
Input Compensation Drift7.00 µV/K
Slew rate300 mV/μs
gain bandwidth product700kHz
Input compensation voltage3 mV
Input bias current20nA
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 125℃
Gain bandwidth0.7MHz
Number of pins8
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
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