TPS92630QPWPRQ1-Texas Instruments

TPS92630QPWPRQ1-Texas Instruments


TPS92630QPWPRQ1 chip sold by xt-shenzhen is a driver chip designed and developed by Texas Instruments (TI). The chip level is automotive grade and is specially designed for the lighting field of automobile manufacturing. It is one of the most in-demand chips on the market and is in short supply. To purchase and learn about genuine Texas Instruments chips, please contact us! ! !

The TPS92630QPWPRQ1 is a three-channel linear LED driver with analog and PWM dimming control.
In use, the fault pin can be used to report open circuit, short circuit and thermal shutdown faults, and up to 15 devices can be connected in parallel via the bus. If you want to achieve higher current output, you can use multiple ICs or multiple channels of a single IC in parallel to achieve high current output. The device has a wide range of applications and is a driver chip with very good performance.
The device’s comprehensive diagnostics and built-in protection features make it ideal for variable-intensity LED lighting (up to mid-power range) applications.

• Equipment HBMESD classification level H2
• Equipment CDMESD classification level C3B
• 3-channel LED driver (with analog and PWM dimming)
• Wide input voltage range: 5V – 40V
• Adjustable constant output current set by reference resistor
– Maximum current: 150mA per channel
– Maximum current: 450mA in parallel operation mode
– Accuracy: ±1.5% per channel when I(IOUTx) > 30mA
– Accuracy: ±2.5% per device when I(IOUTx) > 30mA
• Low dropout voltage
– Maximum voltage drop: 400mV per channel at 60mA
– Maximum voltage drop: 0.9V per channel at 150mA
• Independent PWM dimming for each channel
• Open and short LED detection with anti-jam timer
• LED string voltage feedback per channel for single LED short-circuit detection
• Separate fault pin for single LED short circuit fault
• The device can accommodate slow input voltages dV/dt (0.5V/min) without problems

Number of output ports3
The output voltage4V ~ 75V
Output current0.15A
number of channels3
Quiescent Current600µA
Adjust the number of outputs3
Input voltage (DC Max)40V
Input voltage (DC Min)5v
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 125℃ (TA)
Number of pins16
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
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