The importance of power chip to battery management system

The importance of power chip to battery management system

The concept of the battery management system is the monitoring of the operating state of the battery pack by microcomputer technology, detection technology and automatic control technology. This technology is also called battery SOC, which is a measure of how well a battery performs. The battery management system is actually an integrated circuit that integrates a variety of electronic components,One of the most important components is the power management chip.

The energy control of electric vehicles is controlled by the battery management system. Both IEC and QC/T 897-2011 have formulated standard functional requirements for BMS. IEC developed BMS functional standards including: battery data acquisition, SOC estimation, battery cycle life, alarm protection. QC/T 897-2011’s functional standards for BMS include: battery cell voltage collection, battery temperature collection, remaining power estimation, safety warning and control, information processing, and information interaction. Therefore, the BMS on electric vehicles must have balanced management functions, thermal management functions, CMU communication functions, SOC estimation, life estimation, battery information monitoring, charging and discharging process control, data display and backup.
The working principle of battery information collection is that the sensor on the collection board collects the current charging and discharging of the battery pack, working voltage data, and ambient temperature information, and feeds it back to the power chip through the CAN line.
SOC estimation is to provide the collected battery data to the main control power chip to estimate the remaining power SOC of the power battery pack.

Battery safety protection is to ensure the normal operation of the battery pack and prevent danger by monitoring the condition of the battery during the working process.

The electrical control is mainly to prevent the possibility of overcharge, overdischarge and unbalanced power between batteries during the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles. Once an abnormality occurs, the circuit will be cut off to ensure the normal use of the battery pack.
5) Information processing First, the collected battery information is sent to the BMS main control power chip. Then the BMS main control power chip will send the result to other devices through the CAN bus.

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