Core concepts of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving

Core concepts of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving

As the core technology of automobile intelligence, autonomous driving requires a lot of research and development costs in the early stage. If you want to break through in technology, it means you have no experience to learn and need to slowly explore and move forward. For the autonomous driving industry, only constant challenges can seize opportunities.

The development of autonomous driving is no accident. It was proposed by scientists as early as the 20th century. It was only because the manufacturing technology at the time had not been developed that the R&D project was postponed until now.
Whether it is the Internet industry or the automotive industry, the core of technology is nothing more than data, algorithms, and computing power. The ever-increasing data, the ever-optimizing algorithms, and the ever-evolving semiconductor computing power have given birth to super data centers, algorithm models, and computing power violence. Driven by data, computing power and algorithms, intelligent applications are constantly being applied to our lives. For example, food delivery, the improvement of active safety performance of automobiles, and the establishment of fully automatic factories are all situations where machines are used instead of humans.

Artificial intelligence is actually digitizing the characteristics of our real world, and then continuously improving and training in the model of the digital virtual world. That is, not all data is available and not all data is present. The current artificial intelligence technology and the way of thinking behind it have become the necessary basic abilities and cognitive methods for practitioners of artificial intelligence technology.

Research on autonomous driving is very similar to how artificial intelligence is handled. From the original rule-driven to data-driven, essentially our perception of the objective world has changed. In fact, the performance optimization of the system depends on the increase in processing power and the amount of data processed.
At present, the quality and quantity of data are constantly improving, whether it is automatic driving algorithms in the industrial field or recommendation, search, and speech recognition algorithms in the Internet field.
From the perspective of the development trend of the semiconductor industry, the current chip technology can meet the application of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.It’s just that there are not many high-end semiconductor companies that can produce qualified semiconductors, which often leads to shortages. Faced with this situation, xt-shenzhen has been focusing on electronic component suppliers for more than 10 years, relying on a strong supply management system to continuously integrate original channels. Today, we can provide customers with most of the electronic components that are in short supply from the original factory. Including a series of electronic components such as MCU, transistors, sensors, field effect transistors, and radio frequency chips.

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