What semiconductor devices are missing in new energy vehicles?

What semiconductor devices are missing in new energy vehicles?

As cars enter the era of electrification + intelligent networking, the four major fields of car networking, new energy, intelligence, and autonomous driving have stricter requirements on the process and performance of semiconductor devices.

In the automotive chip industry chain, the manufacturing process of basic semiconductor devices is not high, and there are many factories that can be manufactured, which will not cause supply shortages. However, only a few factories in the world are qualified to produce equipment for high-precision systems such as automobiles, intelligent robots, medical devices, GPS, etc., which is also the key point causing the shortage of automotive-grade chips. Although major fabs continue to increase their production capacity, facing the global market, there will still be a shortage of some chips! Among them, the most serious shortage is the single-chip microcomputer.

Microcontroller (MCU), also known as single-chip microcomputer, can be subdivided into 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit. The more bits, the stronger the processing power of the MCU. The device integrates the CPU, memory, I/O ports, serial ports, timers, etc. contained in the computer on one chip. It is applied to different products to realize the calculation and control of the products. The automotive MCU is the core component of the automotive electronic control unit (ECU), responsible for the calculation and processing of various information, mainly used for body control, driving control, infotainment and driver assistance systems.

Usually, each automotive electronic control unit in automotive applications requires an MCU control with corresponding functions. There is also a case where an automotive electronic control unit is equipped with two MCUs. Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles have higher requirements on MUC performance, power consumption and quantity. This is also the reason why the global electric vehicle development will cause such a shortage of MCUs.

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