The demand for automotive grade semiconductor MLCC is still increasing

The demand for automotive grade semiconductor MLCC is still increasing

Since the beginning of this year, due to the soaring oil prices and the support of government subsidy policies in various countries, new energy vehicles have been widely welcomed by the market. The shipments of electric car manufacturers such as Tesla and BYD have also increased generally. Although the current growth rate has slowed down due to the impact of the global economy. But the general direction of fully realizing electric vehicles has never changed. Therefore, the current global production cuts are only temporary.

The rise of electric vehicles has also led to the development of semiconductor devices. In the past, about 500-600 chips were generally needed to manufacture a fuel car. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, electric vehicles are becoming more and more intelligent. The number of chips required is increasing. It is understood that the average number of chips required for each electric vehicle has reached more than 1,000.

However, not only the number of chips required for each system is increasing, but also the consumption of automotive-grade MLCCs is also increasing.

The full name of MLCC is “Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor”. Due to the advantages of small size, high stability, long life, low loss, and easy automatic placement, it is widely used in various electronic products. It has grown to be one of the highest demanded passive components in the world.
According to the survey, a fuel vehicle uses about 3,000 MLCCs, and a hybrid vehicle uses about 6,000. Electric vehicles need to use a large number of MLCCs in the three-electric system, so the consumption will be around 10,000.

From the perspective of specifications, there are many types of MLCCs, and there are tens of thousands of models of products with different sizes, capacitances, precisions, and withstand voltages. Generally speaking, MLCCs with large packages, high capacitance, and high withstand voltage in 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 have a wide range of application scenarios and are relatively commonly used sizes. The 0201 and 01005 packages are small in size and are usually used in miniaturized electronic products such as smartphones, watches, and earphones. The ultra-large package capacitors of 1808, 2220 and above are generally used in ultra-high capacitance and ultra-high voltage scenarios. The driving force of demand in the MLCC industry mainly comes from 5G smart terminals, base station construction, automotive electronics, industrial control and other fields.

In new energy vehicles, MLCC has been applied to various modules of automotive smart cockpits, smart driving and three-electric systems.

Since MLCC is used in automotive applications, its quality must be able to withstand harsh environments such as high temperature, strong vibration, and shock. Therefore, the quality requirements of automotive-grade MLCCs will be higher, and original products from the world’s top semiconductor companies must be used. xt-shenzhen has been focusing on providing customers with electronic components in various fields such as original chips, MCUs, IGBTs, and MLCCs. xt-shenzhen welcomes your inquiries.

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