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STM32F411CEU6 is the main product designed and developed by STMicroelectronics. The device is designed with a high-performance ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit RISC core and is a low-power MCU. For such high-performance electronic components, xt-shenzhen company has a regular source of original factory. You can buy with confidence! ! !

The STM32F411CEU6 microcontroller has floating point unit (FPU) single precision and operates at frequencies up to 100 MHz. It achieves excellent low power consumption values in run and stop modes. With DSP and FPU instructions, it is an extension of the industry-leading STM32 portfolio to higher performance. More powerful performance can provide equipment, faster operation speed and more accurate calculation results.

• Dynamic Efficiency Line with BAM (Batch Acquisition Mode)
• Core: ARM®32-bit Cortex®
– M4 CPU with FPU, Adaptive Real-Time Accelerator (ART Accelerator™) that allows 0-wait-state execution from flash at up to 100 MHz, memory protection unit, 125 DMIPS/1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone2.1), and DSP instructions

• Clock, reset and power management

– 1.7 V to 3.6 V application power and I/O
– 4 to 26 MHz crystal oscillator
– Internal 16 MHz factory trimmed RC
– 32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
– Internal 32 kHz RC with calibration

•energy consumption

– Running: 100 μA/MHz (peripherals off)
– Stop (Flash in stop mode, fast wake-up time): 42 μA Typ @ 25C; max 65 μA @25 °C
– Stop (Flash in deep power-down mode, fast wake-up time): down to 10 μA @ 25 °C; up to 30 μA @ 25 °C
– Standby: 2.4 μA @25 °C / 1.7 V without RTC; 12 μA @85 °C @1.7 V
– VBAT supply for RTC: 1 μA @25 °C
• 1 x 12-bit, 2.4 MSPS A/D converter: up to 16 channels
• Universal DMA: 16-stream DMA controller with FIFO and burst support
• Up to 11 timers: up to six 16-bit timers, two 32-bit timers up to 100 MHz, each with up to four IC/OC/PWM or pulse counters and quadrature (incremental) quantity) encoder input, two watchdog timers (independent and windowed) and a SysTick timer
• Debug mode
– Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and JTAG interface
-M4 Embedded Tracking Macrocell™

• Up to 81 interrupt-capable I/O ports

•Up to 13 communication interfaces

• CRC calculation unit
• 96-bit unique ID
• RTC: sub-second accuracy, hardware calendar

Number of pins48
Clock frequency100MHz
RAM size128KB
number of digits32
Dissipated power625mW
Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)1
Number of inputs/outputs36 Input
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃ (TA)
Dissipated power (Max)625mW
voltage1.7V ~ 3.6V
Installation methodSurface Mount
PackingCut Tape (CT)

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