NC7SZ14M5X ON Semiconductor Components

NC7SZ14M5X ON Semiconductor Components


The NC7SZ14M5X device is a product of ON Semiconductor. The device is a TinyLogic UHS inverter with Schmitt trigger input. XT-ShenZhen can provide you with more ON Semiconductor products in stock. You may contact us through the contact information at the top of the website!

The NC7SZ14M5X device is part of ON Semiconductor’s TinyLogic® Ultra High Speed (UHS) family. It is a single inverter with Schmitt trigger input. This device is a general-purpose product.
The device uses a single inverter with Schmitt trigger input during production. Not only does it maintain low static power dissipation over a very wide VCC operating range. It also enables ultra-high speed and high output drive.

  • Ultra-High Speed: tPD 3.7ns (Typical) into 50pF at 5V VCC
  • High Output Drive: ±24mA at 3V VCC
  • Broad VCC Operating Range: 1.65V to 5.5V
  • Matches Performance of LCX when Operated at 3.3V VCCCC
  • Power Down High Impedance Inputs/Outputs
  • Over-Voltage Tolerance Inputs Facilitate 5V to 3V Translation
  • Proprietary Noise/EMI Reduction Circuitry
  • Ultra-Small MicroPak™ Packages
  • Space-Saving SOT23 and SC70 Packages

Capacitance4 pF
Number of circuits1
Dissipated power225 mW
Quiescent Current1 µA
Input number2
Operating temperature (maximum)85 ℃
Operating temperature (minimum)-40 ℃
Voltage1.65V ~ 5.5V
Supply voltage (max)5.5 V
Supply voltage (minimum)1.65 V
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