DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 Buy Texas Instruments Product

DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 Buy Texas Instruments Product


XT-ShenZhen professional supplier will show you the DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device, I hope it will help you! The DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device is a deserializer hub from Texas Instruments. The device features quad 3Gbps FPD-Link III with a single CSI-2 output. Very suitable for application in car monitoring system! XT-ShenZhen has been in the business for 23 years, and the product quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy!

The DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device is a multifunction sensor hub. It collects serial sensor data received from 4 independent video streams via the FPD-Link III interface.
The DS90UB962WRTDRQ1 device features four FPD-Link III deserializers. Each deserializer supports single-ended coaxial connections through cost-effective 50Ω. They also support or 100Ω differential STP cabling.
The receive equalizer automatically adapts to compensate for cable loss characteristics, including degradation over time.
Each FPD-Link III interface also includes a separate low-latency bidirectional control channel. This channel can continuously transmit I2C, GPIO and other control information. General purpose I/O signals, such as those required for camera synchronization and diagnostic functions, also utilize this bidirectional control channel.

• AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications:
– Device temperature grade 2: –40°C to +105°C operating ambient temperature range
• Quad 3Gbps deserializer hub to aggregate data from up to 4 sensors simultaneously
• Supports 1MP sensor with HD 720p/800p/960p/1MP resolution at 30Hz or 60Hz frame rate
• Precise multi-cam synchronization
• Compliant with MIPI DPHY version 1.2/CSI-2 version 1.3
– 1 CSI-2 MIPI output port
– Supports 1, 2, 3, 4 data channels
– CSI-2 data rate scalable: each data lane supports 400Mbps/800Mbps/1.2Gbps/1.5Gbps/1.6Gbps
– Port copy mode
• Ultra-low data and control path latency
• Supports single-ended coaxial (including Power over Cable (PoC)) or shielded twisted pair (STP) cables
• Adaptive receive equalization
• Dual I2C ports with Fast Mode Plus (up to 1Mbps)
• Flexible GPIOs for sensor synchronization and diagnostics
• Compatible with DS90UB935-Q1, DS90UB953-Q1, DS90UB913A-Q1 and DS90UB933-Q1 serializers
• Internal programmable precision frame sync generator
• Line fault detection and advanced diagnostics

Color depth (bpp)12
Input compatibilityFPD-Link III LVDS
Pixel clock frequency (Max) (MHz)200
Output compatibilityMIPI CSI-2
FeaturesLow-EMI Point-to-Point Communication
Signal conditioningAdaptive Equalizer
EMI reductionBIST
Operating temperature range (C)-40 to 105
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