TPD2E007DCKR-Texas Instruments

TPD2E007DCKR-Texas Instruments


The TPD2E007DCKR device developed by Texas Instruments belongs to the TVS diode series components. Suitable for industrial and consumer electronics applications. xt-shenzhen can provide other Texas Instruments products including TPD2E007DCKR devices to global customers. Guaranteed to supply only original electronic components! ! !

The TPD2E007DCKR is a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) based electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device designed to provide system-level ESD solutions for a wide range of portable and industrial applications. Allows for AC-coupled or negative data transfer (audio interface, LVDS, RS-485, RS-232, etc.) without compromising signal integrity.
The TPD2E007DCKR device is ideal for system-level ESD protection of internal ICs. Available in 4-bump PicoStar and 3-pin SOT (DGK) packages ges.PicoStar package (YFM) has a package height of only 0.15mm (max). A standard SOT package can be mounted directly on a circuit board.

• IEC 61000-4-2Level4 ESD protection
– ±8-kVIEC 61000-4-2Contact Discharge
– ±15-kVIEC 61000-4-2Air-GapDischarge
• IEC 61000-4-5 Surge Protection
– 4.5-APeakPulseCurrent (8/20-μs pulse)
• IO capacitance 15 pF (maximum)
• Low 50 nA leakage current
• Space-saving PicoStar™ and SOTPackage
• Suitable for industrial interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, LVDS)

Operating Voltage13V
breakdown voltage14V
number of channels2
Number of pins3
Dissipated power218 mW
Clamping voltage14V
test current10 mA
Pulse peak power150W
Minimum reverse breakdown voltage14V
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃ (TA)
installation methodSurface Mount
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
manufacturing applicationConsumer Electronics, Imaging, Communications & Networking, Audio, Computers & Computer Peripherals, General Purpose, Video & Vision, Industrial
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
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