XC95288XL-10TQG144C Xilinx

XC95288XL-10TQG144C Xilinx

XC95288XL-10TQG144C Xilinx

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XT-ShenZhen has cooperated with many well-known brand companies, and the trust of customers is our honor! The XC95288XL-10TQG144C device is one of Xilinx’s XC9500XL series products. This family is a 3.3V CPLD family aimed at high performance, low voltage applications in cutting edge communications and computing systems. XT-ShenZhen specializes in supplying original stock, and every product has quality assurance!

The XC95288XL-10TQG144C device supports in-system programming (ISP) and full IEEE Std1149.1 (JTAG) boundary scan, thus providing excellent debugging and design iteration capabilities in small packages.
The device is designed to work closely with the Xilinx® Virtex®, Spartan® XL and XC4000XL FPGA families. This allows system designers to optimize logic partitioning between high-density general purpose logic and fast interface circuits.
The XC95288XL-10TQG144C device is fully pin compatible, allowing design migration across many different density options.
Its structural features enable programming in the system. The added plug locking function can avoid the rework of the circuit board.

• Optimized for high performance 3.3V systems
– Low power operation
– 5V tolerant I/O pins accept 5V, 3.3V and 2.5V signals
– 3.3V or 2.5V output capability
• Advanced system features
– Programmable in system
– Extra wide 54 input function block
– With three global and one local clock inversion product term clock
– Input lag input on all user and boundary scan pins
– Support hot plug function
• Four pin-compatible device densities
– 36 to 288 macrocells, 800 to 6400 gates available
• Fast concurrent programming
• Slew rate control for a single output
• Enhanced data security features
• Superior quality and reliability
– 10,000 program/erase cycle endurance rating
– 20 years data retention
• Common pin-compatible package footprint with the 5V core XC9500 family

Frequency100 MHz
Supply voltage (DC)3.30 V
Number of I/O pins117
Number of inputs/outputs117 Input
Operating temperature (Max)70 ℃
Working temperature(Min)0 ℃
Power supply voltage (Max)3.6 V
Power supply voltage (Min)3 V
Number of pins144

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