VND7030AJTR Buy STMicroelectronics products

VND7030AJTR Buy STMicroelectronics products


The XT-ShenZhen professional supply team provides you with high-quality chips in short supply, please buy with confidence! The VND7030AJTR device is a switching power supply product from STMicroelectronics. The device is suitable for use with all types of automotive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. XT-ShenZhen has customers all over the world and has cooperated with many well-known companies! If you have more needs, please leave us a message!

The VND7030AJTR is a dual-channel high-side driver manufactured using ST’s patented VIPower® M0-7 technology. It uses the PowerSSO-16 package. The device is designed to drive 12 V automotive ground loads via a 3 V and 5 V CMOS compatible interface for diagnostic and protection purposes.
The VND7030AJTR device features advanced protection capabilities such as load current limiting, active overload management and configurable latch-off through power limiting and thermal shutdown. When an error occurs, the FaultRST pin can release the output or disable the latch function.
Special multi-function multiplexed analog output pins with high-accuracy diagnostic functions such as proportional load current detection, supply voltage feedback, chip temperature detection, and more.

•Automotive qualified
−Double channel smart high-side driverwith MultiSense analog feedback
−Very low standby current
•MultiSense diagnostic functions
−Multiplexed analog feedback of: loadcurrent with high precision proportional
current mirror, VCCsupply voltage and TCHIPdevice temperature
−Overload and short to ground (power limitation) indication
−Thermal shutdown indication
-state open-load detection
−Sense enable/disable
−Undervoltage shutdown
−Overvoltage clamp
−Load current limitation
−Self limiting of fast thermal transients
−Loss of ground and loss of VCC
−Reverse battery with external components
−Electrostatic discharge protection

Number of output ports2
Output current80 A
Supply current5 mA
Input number2
Operating temperature (Max)150 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
Number of pins16
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