TMS320F28075-Q1 Texas Instruments Microcontroller

TMS320F28075-Q1 Texas Instruments Microcontroller


The TMS320F28075-Q1 device is an automotive MCU product. The device was produced by Texas Instruments. Excellent performance enables the device to be used in advanced closed-loop control applications. XT-ShenZhen has long-term stable supply of original Texas Instruments products. More MCU product information can be learned by contacting us! We look forward to hearing from you!

The TMS320F28075-Q1 microcontroller features TI’s industry-leading C28x core. The device optimizes processing, sensing and actuation. It improves closed-loop performance in real-time control applications such as industrial motor drives.
The device also features a CLA real-time control coprocessor. The CLA is a standalone 32-bit floating-point processor. It has parallel processing capability and can effectively double the computing performance of real-time control systems.

• TMS320C28x 32-bit CPU
– 120 MHz
– IEEE 754 single-precision Floating-Point Unit (FPU)
– Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU)
• Programmable Control Law Accelerator (CLA)
– 120 MHz
– IEEE 754 single-precision floating-point instructions
– Executes code independently of main CPU
• On-chip memory
– 512KB (256KW) of flash (ECC-protected)
– 100KB (50KW) of RAM (ECC-protected or parity-protected)
– Dual-zone security supporting third-party development
– Unique identification number
• Clock and system control
– Two internal zero-pin 10-MHz oscillators
– On-chip crystal oscillator
– Windowed watchdog timer module
– Missing clock detection circuitry

Frequency (MHz)120
Flash memory (KB)512
RAM (KB)100
ADC resolution12-bit
Total processing (MIPS)240
UART4, 3
CAN (#)2
Sigma-delta filter8, 6
PWM (Ch)24, 15
Pins176 / 100
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