SN65HVD230DR-Texas Instruments

SN65HVD230DR-Texas Instruments


The world-renowned semiconductor company Texas Instruments has developed the SN65HVD230DR device. Not only is it widely used, it also meets the high standards of production quality specified by ISO 11898. Ideal for manufacturers developing industrial automation and automotive applications, the device’s superior performance results in smoother system operation. xt-shenzhen has been providing original quality electronic components for the majority of manufacturers and customers, you can rest assured to choose us to serve you.

The SN65HVD230DR is a high quality transceiver chip. Suitable for standard CAN serial communication physical layer applications. Each CAN transceiver is designed to provide bus differential transmit capability and CAN controller differential receive capability. The excellent quality of the device can satisfy the equipment to operate normally in some harsh environments. And design the characteristics of protection devices such as cross-wire protection, grounding and overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection and wide common mode range.

. Powered by a single 3.3V supply
.Low-power alternative to PCA82C250 package
.High input impedance allows 120 nodes on the bus
.Bus/pin ESD protection, over 16 kV HBM
.Controlled driver output transition time
.Unpowered nodes do not interfere with the bus
.Compliant with ISO 11898 standard
.Low current standby mode: 370µA (typ)
.Designed for signaling rates up to 1Megabit/s (Mbps)
. Thermal shutdown protection
.Open circuit failsafe design
.Fail-free power-up and power-down protection for hot-swap applications

Supply voltage (DC)3.00V ~ 3.60V
Supply current17 mA
number of channels1
Number of pins8
data rate1.00Mbps
Slew rate15.0 V/μs
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃
voltage3V ~ 3.6V
Installation methodSurface Mount
PackingTape & Reel (TR)
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