NCP45521IMNTWG-H ON Semiconductor Parts

NCP45521IMNTWG-H ON Semiconductor Parts


The NCP45521IMNTWG-H device is an integrated load switch device. It has a failsafe function. This device is from ON Semiconductor and is specifically designed for applications requiring a small footprint and low power consumption. XT-ShenZhen’s official website has more parameter information of ON Semiconductor devices, welcome to check on our website! We also have ON Semiconductor’s products in stock, which are guaranteed to be 100% from the original factory and of high quality. Please rest assured to buy new and old customers!

The NCP45521IMNTWG-H load management device provides a solution with a smaller component count and area for applications. It enables efficient power domain switching by using an inrush current limit with soft start.
The NCP45521IMNTWG-H device features integrated control functions and ultra-low on-resistance. The device also provides additional system protection and monitoring capabilities for applications through fault protection and power good signaling. So this device is ideal for power management and hot-swap applications that require a small footprint and low power consumption!

• Advanced Controller with Charge Pump
• Integrated N-Channel MOSFET
• Soft-Start via Slew Rate Control (NCP45521-Adjustable, NCP45520-Fixed)
• Ultra-Low On-Resistance
• Input Voltage Range 0.5 V to 13.5 V (18V Tolerant)
• Low Standby Current
• Quick Output Discharge Function (Adjustable)
• No External Components Required
• Enable Pins with CMOS Input Levels
• Power Good Signaling (NCP45520)
• Fault Protection: Over Temperature
• Pb-Free Device

Halogen free stateHalogen Free
Number of output ports1
Input voltage (DC)13.5 V
Output current10.5 A
Supply current0.53 mA
Dissipated power2.5 W
Input voltage (Max)13.5 V
Input voltage (Min)0.5 V
Output current (Max)10.5 A
Output current (Min)11.5 A
Operating temperature (Max)85 ℃
Working temperature(Min)-40 ℃
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