LM73605QRNPRQ1 Texas Instruments Parts

LM73605QRNPRQ1 Texas Instruments Parts


The LM73605QRNPRQ1 device is an automotive-grade synchronous step-down converter from Texas Instruments. Small size and high performance make this device one of the popular models in the market. XT-ShenZhen has an excellent team and a stable supply chain. We can provide you with a high-quality and stable electronic component supply system.

The LM73605QRNPRQ1 device is part of the Texas Instruments LM73605-Q1 family. This device is characterized by ease of use. It requires only a small number of external components. There are also pin assignments designed for easy PCB board layout.
The device has the best EMI and thermal performance. It also has protection features such as thermal shutdown, input undervoltage monitoring, cycle-cycle current limit, and hiccup short-circuit protection.

• AEC-Q100-qualified for automotive applications
– Device temperature grade 1: –40°C to +125°C ambient operating temperature
– Device HBM ESD classification level 2 kV
– Device CDM ESD classification level C5
• Wettable flanks QFN package (WQFN)
• Low EMI and low switching noise
• Low quiescent current
– 0.8 µA in shutdown (typical)
– 15 µA in active mode with no load (typical)
• Wide voltage conversion range:
– tON-MIN = 60 ns (typical)
– tOFF-MIN = 70 ns (typical)
• Low MOSFET ON-resistance:
– RDS_ON_HS = 53 mΩ (typical)
– RDS_ON_LS = 31 mΩ (typical)
• Adjustable frequency range: 350 kHz to 2.2 MHz

Vin (Min) (V)3.5
Vin (Max) (V)36
Vout (Min) (V)1
Vout (Max) (V)34
Iout (Max) (A)5
Iq (Typ) (uA)15
Switching frequency (Min) (kHz)350
Switching frequency (Max) (kHz)2200
Regulated outputs (#)1
Duty cycle (Max) (%)96
PackageWQFN (RNP)
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