BQ7693003DBTR Texas Instruments Components

BQ7693003DBTR Texas Instruments Components


XT-ShenZhen has inventory of products that are in short supply to ensure that the supply is legal and compliant, and the original factory is in stock. The BQ7693003DBTR device is a battery monitoring product independently developed and produced by Texas Instruments. This product belongs to the BQ76940 series. XT-ShenZhen insists on developing in a more professional direction, hoping to bring customers an amazing purchasing experience!

The BQ7693003DBTR device is a powerful analog front end (AFE) product. It can help provide battery pack monitoring and protection solutions. The device is ideal for next-generation high-power systems such as light-duty electric vehicles, power tools, and uninterruptible power supplies.
Texas Instruments (TI) designed the BQ7693003DBTR device with low power consumption in mind, including a SHIP mode that puts the battery pack into an ultra-low power state. It also has the ability to control overall chip current consumption by enabling or disabling sub-modules within the IC.
The BQ7693003DBTR device can simultaneously handle a typical 36V battery pack or up to 10 cells in series. The main controller can implement a series of battery management functions through 12C.

• AFE monitoring function
– Pure digital interface
– Internal ADC measures battery voltage, die temperature and external thermistor
– A separate internal ADC measures battery pack current (coulomb counter)
– Directly supports up to three thermistors (103AT)
• Hardware protection function
– Over Current Discharge (OCD)
– Short circuit during discharge (SCD)
– Overvoltage (OV)
– Undervoltage (UV)
– Secondary protector fault detection
• Additional features
– Integrated cell balancing FET
– Charge and discharge low-side NCH FET driver
– Alarm interrupt host microcontroller

Number of batteries in series (Min)6
Input voltage (max) (V)50
Number of batteries in series (max)10
scoreTable of contents
packageTSSOP (DBT)
Number of pins30
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