ATMEGA328P-AU-Original Microchip

ATMEGA328P-AU-Original Microchip


Designed and developed by Microchip, the ATMEGA328P-AU device is a high quality 8-bit microcontroller ideal for battery powered applications. xt-shenzhen is committed to providing customers with a high-quality purchasing experience and has a large inventory of original electronic components. It is a powerful supplier of electronic components and is very good at providing customers with electronic components that are in short supply! ! !

Based on the popular ATmega32u4 MCU core, the ATMEGA328P-AU offers a wide range of peripherals including 16 general purpose I/O pins, two USARTs, SPI, UART, PWM, ADC, DAC, EEPROM, analog comparators, timers, RTC Wait. Features an internal USB connection, making it suitable for interfacing with Arduino shields and other external devices. The device has been optimized for low power consumption, allowing it to run on a single coin cell battery for years without additional power. Internal USB connector, making it suitable for connecting to Arduino shields and other peripherals.

●131 instructions – most executed in a single clock cycle
●32 general purpose registers
● Power-on reset and programmable brown-out detection
● Internally calibrated oscillator
● External and internal interrupt sources
● Six power-saving sleep modes
● Internal and external interrupts
●Completely static operation
10-bit 15 ksps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) – 8 or 6 channels
●Capacitive touch sensing – 16 channels
●Temperature sensor
●Two 8-bit timers
●A 16-bit timer
●Output compare module – 6 channels
● Six PWM channels
●Programmable serial USART
●Master/Slave SPI serial interface
Byte-oriented 2-wire serial interface – I2C compatible
●Programmable watchdog timer with separate oscillator
●Analog Comparator
● Interrupt and wake-up on pin change

Supply voltage (DC)1.80V (min)
Number of pins32
Clock frequency20.0MHz
RAM size2KB
number of digits8
FLASH memory capacity32KB
Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)1
Number of inputs/outputs23 Input
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃ (TA)
Power supply voltage (Max)5.5V
Power supply voltage (Min)1.8V
Installation methodSurface Mount
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