ADM2682EBRIZ-Analog Devices(ADI)

ADM2682EBRIZ-Analog Devices(ADI)


ADM2682EBRIZS is an interface isolator chip with very good performance, which is designed and developed by ADI, a well-known semiconductor company. The market demand for this chip is very large, and the supply has always been in short supply. After years of integration of original factory sources, xt-shenzhen can efficiently provide you with other ADI high-end chips including ADM2682EBRIZS devices. Want to know more original electronic components, please contact us! ! !

The ADM2682EBRIZS is a fully integrated 5 kV rms signal and power isolated data transceiver with ±15 kV ESD protection for high speed communications on multipoint transmission lines. Contains an integrated 5 kV rms isolated DC-DC power supply, eliminating the need for an external DC-DC isolation block. They are designed for balanced transmission lines and comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-485-A-98 and ISO 8482:1987(E) standards. These devices integrate Analog Devices, Inc.’s iCoupler® technology, combining a 3-channel isolator, 3-state differential line driver, differential input receiver, and Analog Devices isoPower® DC-to-DC converter into a single package.

● Provide active low receiver
●With current limit and thermal shutdown function
●Suitable for industrial temperature range
●Highly integrated 16-pin wide-body SOIC package
●Contains isoPower technology, which uses high-frequency switching elements to transfer power through a transformer
●5 kV rms Isolated RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver Configurable as Half or Full Duplex
●isoPower integrated isolated DC-DC converter ±15 kV on RS-485 I/O pins
●ESD protection complies with ANSI/TIA/EIA-485-A-98 and ISO 8482:1987(E) data rates

Power supply voltage (DC)3.00V (min)
rise/fall time15ns (Max)
supply current175 mA
number of channels3
Number of pins16
Dissipated power675 mW
isolation voltage5000 Vrms
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃
Power supply voltage (Max)5.5V
Power supply voltage (Min)3V
installation methodSurface Mount
Package (Metric)SOIC
manufacturing applicationSignal Processing, Industry, Industrial, Signal Processing, Communications & Networking, Communications & Networks
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