AD7699BCPZ-Original Analog Devices(ADI)

AD7699BCPZ-Original Analog Devices(ADI)


AD7699BCPZ device is an AD conversion chip developed by ADI Company. This type of chip is mainly used for data processing purposes. The excellent performance of the AD7699BCPZ makes it the device of choice in the field of data processing. xt-shenzhen supplies all world-renowned semiconductor companies, and the sources of goods are original sources from formal channels. xt-shenzhen welcomes your inquiry! ! !

The AD7699BCPZ device is an 8-channel, 16-bit charge redistribution successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates from a single supply, VDD. Contains all components for a multi-channel, low-power data acquisition system, including a true 16-bit SAR ADC with no missing codes;

The AD7699BCPZ uses a simple serial port interface (SPI) to write configuration registers and receive conversion results. The SPI interface uses a separate power supply VIO. Set to host logic levels, power consumption is proportional to throughput.

●16-bit resolution, no missing codes 8-channel multiplexer,
●Selectable input Unipolar single-ended differential (GND detection) pseudo-bipolar
●Single 5V supply with 1.8V to 5V logic interface
●External (up to VDD) internal temperature sensor
●Channel sequencer, selectable 1-pole filter, busy indicator No pipeline delay, SAR architecture
●Single 5V supply with 1.8V to 5V logic interface
●Standby current: 50 nA 20

Power supply voltage (DC)4.50V (min)
Number of circuits1
number of channels8
Number of pins20
number of digits16
Dissipated power28 mW
Sampling Rate500 ksps
power consumption28 mW
Analog-to-digital conversion (ADC)1
number of inputs8
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃
Dissipated power(Max)32 mW
Power supply voltage (Max)5.5V
Power supply voltage (Min)4.5V
installation methodSurface Mount
manufacturing applicationSystem Monitoring, Power Management, Automation & Process Control, Signal Processing, Signal Processing, System Monitoring, Communications & Networking, Sensing and Instrumentation, Medical, Communication and Networking, Sensing & Instrumentation, Power Management, Medical, Automation and Process Control
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