AD210AN-Original ADI Chip

AD210AN-Original ADI Chip


The AD210AN is the latest member of a new generation of low cost, high performance isolation amplifiers. The device was developed by the well-known semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices and is an extremely compact and economical isolator. Professional supplier xt-shenzhen can provide global customers with efficient and stable supply of electronic components with rich original factory channels. If you want to know or buy more electronic components, please contact xt-shenzhen to serve you! ! !

The AD210AN is a three-port, wide bandwidth isolation amplifier fabricated from surface mount components in an automated assembly process.Combining design expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The AD210 series provides signal and power isolation through transformer coupling inside the module, providing a complete isolation function. In addition, the AD210 Series provides protection against fault conditions that could cause damage to other parts of the measurement system. Buffering and gain are available as required, and many alternative input functions are available upon request.

●Small size: 1.00″ x 2.10″ x 0.350″
● Three-port isolation: input, output and power
●Low nonlinearity: ±0.012% (maximum value)
●Wide bandwidth: 20 kHz full power (–3 dB)
●Low gain drift: ±25 ppm/8C (maximum)
●High CMR: 120 dB (G = 100 V/V)
● Isolated power supply: ±15 V @ ±5 mA
● High common-mode performance: AD210 provides 2500 V rms (continuous)
● ±3500 V peak (continuous) common-mode voltage isolation between any two ports
●Low Input Capacitance of 5 pF Produces 120 dB CMR and Low Leakage Current at Gain of 100
●High accuracy: ±0.012% maximum nonlinearity (B grade), ±25 ppm/°C maximum gain drift and (±10 ±30/G) μV/°

Power supply voltage (DC)5.00V
supply current50 mA
Number of circuits1
number of channels1
Number of pins30
Common Mode Rejection Ratio120dB
bandwidth20 kHz
conversion rate1.00 V/μs
isolation voltage15V
input compensation voltage15mV
input bias current30pA
Operating temperature-25℃ ~ 85℃
3dB bandwidth20 kHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (Min)120dB ~ 130dB
voltage13.5V ~ 16.5V
Power supply voltage (Max)15V ~ 18V
installation methodThrough Hole
pin count12
manufacturing applicationSignal Processing, Avionics, Test and Measurement, Signal Processing, Unmanned Systems, Test & Measurement, Aerospace and Defense
RoHS standardNon-Compliant
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