74HC595D-NXP Semiconductor

74HC595D-NXP Semiconductor


74HC595D shift register developed and designed by the world famous semiconductor company NXP. It has always been the first choice for this type of product. is a high-speed silicon-gate CMOS device that is pin-compatible with low-power Schottky TTL (LSTTL).It is specifically compliant with JEDEC standards. xt-shenzhen company has been committed to providing high-quality original components for global manufacturers for many years, and is your trustworthy and honest supplier! ! !

The 74HC595D is an 8-stage serial shift register with storage registers and three-state outputs. This register has a separate clock and data is shifted on positive transitions of the shift register clock input (SHCP). A 74HC595D device in which the data in each register is shifted into the storage registers along the positive-going transition of the storage register clock input (STCP). The storage registers have eight parallel 3-state bus driver outputs. When the input (OE) of the output driver is low, the data in the storage register appears with the output.

.8 bit serial input
.8-bit serial or parallel output
.Storage register with 3-state output
.shift register, with direct clear
.100MHz typ. shift out frequency

frequency100 MHz
Power supply voltage (DC)5.00V
Number of pins16
number of digits8
Number of logic gates1
Working Temperature(Max)125°C
Working temperature (Min)-40°C
Power supply voltage (Max)6V
Power supply voltage (Min)2V
installation methodSurface Mount
manufacturing applicationConsumer Electronics, Embedded Design & Development, Clock & Timing, Multimedia, Clock & Timing, Consumer Electronics, Embedded Design & Development, Multimedia
RoHS standardRoHS Compliant
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