Different development areas of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles

Different development areas of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles

With the development of chip technology, not only the performance and safety of electric vehicles have been greatly improved. To a certain extent, it also improves the sense of experience and technology of human-computer interaction in the car. Major automakers have shifted from the competition of the internal combustion engine to the competition of the intelligence, comfort and sense of technology of the car.

As an important part of automobile intelligence, smart buttons and smart surfaces are currently in a stage of rapid development. Through-screen and dual-screen are used in more and more models.
The smart surface is the integration of plastic and electricity by adding electronic functions to the interior and exterior materials of automobiles. Hide when we don’t need it, activate it when we need it through proximity, gesture or voice control, get feedback and response. In the future, every surface inside the car could be a smart surface. We simply move our hands over the covered surfaces in the car and an interactive interface or dynamic ambient light will appear.
Smart surfaces can cut down on redundant buttons and switches, and dim or disappear features that aren’t being used for a while. This extra space can be used as storage space or place other items. Expanded space utilization.
Currently, smart surface technology is developing rapidly, and the interior of future vehicles will be covered by large smart surfaces that combine visual beauty and functionality.

In the overall design, it also makes consumers feel more sense of design and technology. As the basic realization form of human-computer interaction, smart buttons will be the basic components of smart buttons.

However, the most critical thing to realize such an intelligent system is the performance of electronic components. The original factory well-preserved sensors, transistors, MCU, and ic chips in various fields can make such an intelligent system work perfectly. With its professional understanding of electronic components, xt-shenzhen can not only ensure that all the components produced by the company are original and authentic. And it can also ensure that all components will not have problems with the quality of components due to poor storage.

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